voronezh – воронеж

Voronezh was founded in 1585. In 1696 Czar Peter the Great established the Admiralty and a shipyard here. More than 200 warships were built in Voronezh by 1711 which formed the new Russian fleet. In WWII the city was almost totally destroyed. Today Voronezh is an important industrial hub with population exceeding one million people.

The drama theatre.

The opera and ballet theatre.

Peter the Great.

The Annunciation Cathedral built in the late 19th century is the third largest working church in Russia after the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow and St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg.

St Basil's Church.

The 1674 St Alexey of Akatov Women's Monastery.

A WWII memorial.

To wartime military postmen. Letters were in the shape of a triangle without envelopes.

The puppet theatre.

Streetscapes of Voronezh.

For those who see a book.

voronezh oblast – воронежская область

divnogorie – дивногорье

Divnogorie is an open air museum and nature reserve about 80 km south of Voronezh. It makes a good place for a day trip. It has 11 square km of limestone outcrops, a cave church and a monastery.