tobolsk – тобольск

Tobolsk is located in the Tyumen Oblast. It is a very photogenic town and surely deserves a dedicated page. Tobolsk was founded in 1587. For quite a long time it was the capital of Siberia. The town's importance declined when the Trans-Siberian Railway bypassed it in the 1890s. Tobolsk is the only town in Siberia which has a stone kremlin built in the 17th and 18th centuries. The kremlin spectacularly sits on a high bank of the Irtysh River.

Semyon Remezov - the architect of the Tobolsk Kremlin

The biggest church in the kremlin is the 1683 St. Sophia Cathedral. The smaller one is the 1746 Intercession Church. Between the two is the 1799 bell tower, specially built for the Uglich bell. (See Uglich in the Yaroslavl Oblast page). The bell once signaled a revolt against Tsar Boris Godunov. In fury Godunov ordered the bell publicly flogged, his tongue ripped off and banished to Tobolsk.

Views of the Tobolsk kremlin.

The town hall.

John Burke of Cleveland, Ohio is enjoying views of the Tobolsk kremlin and Kremlin Square.

The view of the old town from the Kremlin Hill.

The deposed Tsar Nicholas II and his family stayed in Tobolsk from August 1917 till April 1918 in this house in the old town.

Next to the kremlin there is a promenade on the high bank of the Irtysh River.