chuvash republic – республика чувашия

cheboksary – чебоксары

The Chuvash Republic or Chuvashia is located in the middle riches of the Volga River. Its capital the city of Cheboksary was founded in 1469. The city sits on the right bank of the Volga River. Located right in the city center are several churches and monasteries built in the 17-18th centuries.

The 1763 Assumption of Our Lady Church (blue) and the 17th century Trinity Monastery (green).

The 1661 Presentation of the Virgin Mary Church.

The 1702 Archangel Michael Church.

The recently restored Saint Vladimir Church.

The central part of Cheboksary is dominated by a high statue of Mother Chuvashia. The inscription on the pedestal reads the following: "Blessed are my children living in peace and love".

The national library.

The drama theatre.

The presidential highrise.

The river port.

The Victory Park.

The Victory Park is the highest point above the Volga River and offers a good view over the city.

The walking street with souvenir kiosks and quirky statues.

Beer is the favorite drink of the Chuvash people. Mini beer breweries can be found in many households especially in the country. The beer museum in Cheboksary is shaped as a beer barrel. The access to the museum is from the walking street.

Katherine II the Empress of Russia from 1762 until 1796.

The agricultural academy.

The KGB and Republican Bank offices.

Yellow and red are colours of the Chuvash Republic.