kemerovo – кемерово

Kemerovo is a young city. Before 1925 it was just a village. Therefore, the city can`t boast of old buildings and historic sights. Today Kemerovo is a modern industrial and administrative center. The entire area, where Kemerovo is located, is called Kuzbass (Кузбасс). This is the main coal mining area of Russia. The city looks its best in late August as the last Sunday of the month marks the coal miner day. The central square - the square of Soviets - is decorated with flags and flowers.

The Kemerovo Oblast administration.

Kemerovo's coat of arms.

The philharmonic hall.

Statues of coal miners in front of the philharmonic hall.

The drama theatre.

The fine arts museum.

The musical theatre.

The Tom Hotel.

The Kuzbass Hotel.

Phillips Connor from Singapore enjoys Kemerovo.

The WWII memorial.


KEMEROVO oblast – КЕМЕРОВская область

novokuznetsk – новокузнецк

Novokuznetsk founded in 1618 is the oldest city in the Kemerovo oblast. It makes a convenient stop when driving from Altai to Khakassia. The Kuznetsk fortress built in 1790 is the city’s main attraction. The fortress overlooks the town from the hilltop. The restored stone ramparts are massive and topped with canons.

The 1792 Transfiguration Cathedral.

The cathedral as seen from the fortress.

The famous Russian writer Dostoevsky stayed in Novokuznetsk for some time. There is a museum.

Novokuznetsk is a center of metallurgical industry.

On the way from Altai to Novokuznetsk.

mariinsk – мариинск

Mariinsk is located 180 km east of Kemerovo. It got its name in 1857 after Maria the wife of the then Russian tsar Alexander II. The town is little spoiled by modern architecture. A good place to stop when driving from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo.

Tsarina Maria.

Tsar Alexander II her husband.

Late 19th and early 20th century houses which once housed homes and shops run by sizable Jewish population.

A rabbi's home.

Lenin stands opposite tsarina Maria.

Expensive "Beluga" vodka you surely see in Duty Free shops all over the world is produced in Mariinsk. The gate to the distillery.

The railway station.

Here lives a local craftsman. Made by him wooden statues can be seen all over the town.The small house on the left is a souvenior shop.

There is a road connecting Mariinsk and Tomsk. It is partially dirt and a bit bumpy but more scenic than the main road and traffic is low. In early June the meadows along the road are covered with bright yellow dandelions.

petroglyphs (tomskaya pisanitsa) - томская писаница

Ancient petroglyphs can be seen in the place called Tomskaya Pisanitsa 50 km north of Kemerovo.  The entry gate is right next to the road.

The Tom River.

There is no need to drive back to Kemerovo in order to proceed to Novosibirsk or Tomsk. A pontoon bridge across the Tom River takes you to the town of Yurga.

yurga – юрга

The railway station in Yurga.

A movie theatre named Pobeda (Victory) with Soviet symbols.

Lenin in the town center is taken a good care of.

Lenin at the railway station seems to be neglected.