ryazan - рязань

Ryazan is one of the oldest Russian cities. It was founded in 1095. The close vicinity of Moscow makes Ryazan a good day-trip destination. The photogenic Ryazan kremlin is the city's major attraction. The kremlin as we see now was built in the 17-19th centuries. The huge Assumption Cathedral was commissioned in 1699.

The 17th century Epiphany Church.

The late 14th century Nativity of Christ Church was the first stone building in the Ryazan kremlin.

The 1789 belfry of the Assumption Cathedral.

The 17th century Holy Spirit Church.

The 1699 Saint Iliya Church.

The 1686 Savior-on-the-Hill recently restored church acquired unusual domes made of stainless steel with gilded patches.

The 17th century Transfiguration Church (right).

Prince of Ryazan Oleg. He ruled the Ryazan principality in 1350-1402.

Unaware of the sin.

RYAZAN oblast - РЯЗАНская область

kasimov - касимов

Kasimov is a very old town. It was founded in 1152 and has an interesting history. In 1452 - 1681 Kasimov was the centre of the Kasimov Tatar Khanate. Several consecutive Kasimov khans were loyal to Russian Tsars. They even assisted Russian troops in fighting Kazan Khanate in mid-16th century. Those of you who once took a guided tout around the Kazan kremlin in Tatarstan was told the following heart-piercing story. The legend has it that when in 1552 Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible seized Kazan, he allegedly approached the Tatar Queen named Syuyumbike saying, "Get ready, darling. I gonna shag you tonight." In response Syuyumbike allegedly climbed a high tower and jumped from the top. Thus, she preferred death to the prospective of becoming one of Ivan's concubines. In reality, Syuyumbike had attempted to escape Kazan several months before Ivan actually attacked the city. She was caught and escorted to Moscow straight to Ivan's bedroom. Later she was banished to Kasimov. Here she stands now cast in bronze looking at the 16th century mosque.

The old mosque.

The 1867 Ascension Cathedral.

Behind the cathedral is an obelisk dedicated to victims of the 1918-1920 Civil War and graves of fighters for the Soviet power.

A restored 19th century building.

The 1775 Assumption Church.

A trade arcade is in early stages of restoration (as of October 2023).

A WWII memorial in Kasimov.

solotcha - Солотча

The Solotcha Convent located 20 km north of Ryazan was founded in 1390 by Prince Oleg - the then ruler of the Ryazan Principality. The gate church as we see it today was built in 1698.

The 1688 Holy Spirit Cathedral.

The 16th century Nativity Church.