Kaluga is a rather old city. It was first mentioned in historic documents in 1371. The city is less than 200 km from Moscow and is a perfect destination for a day trip if you are on a business trip in the Russian capital.

Lenin in the central square. (2015)

On November 12, 2017 the statue of Lenin was moved 150 meters away to make room for a statue of Russian tsar Ivan III who ruled the Russian land in 1462 - 1505. Although, it would have been much easier to keep Lenin in place and to install Ivan a bit aside. Obviously, Lenin looks more harmonious in front of the former Kaluga communist party office.

The displaced Lenin.

The late 18th century trade gallery in the central square.

The 1786 Trinity Cathedral stands in the central park laid on a high bank of the Oka River next to the central square.

The view on the bridge across the Oka River from the central park.

A coquette with an umbrella.

The 1687 Church of the Intercession.

The 1865 Our Lady Nativity church.

A war memorial and the 1794 Saint Kosma and Damian Church.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935) lived most of his life in Kaluga. He is considered to be one of the founders of rocketry and astronautics. His works contributed greatly to the success of the Soviet space program.

KALUGA oblast – КАЛУжская область

optina pustyn – оптина пустынь

Optina Pustyn or Monastery of the Presentation of the Blessed Mary is one of the most famous Russian Orthodox Church monasteries. It is located 75 km from Kaluga at the outskirts of the town of Kozelsk (Козельск). The monastery is very popular among worshippers who are flocking the place all the year round. As the story goes the monastery was founded in the late 14th century. A very holy as well as photogenic site.