Crimean Republic

crimea republic -  республика крым

Before May 2018 the only safe way to get to the Crimean Peninsula by car was to take a ferry across the Kerch Strait.  In May 2018 a bridge across the Kerch Strait was commissioned and the Crimea became easily accessible by road. The ferry crossing had its advantages as well. One could watch sea birds flying against a setting sun and ships plying local waters.

kerch - керчь

Kerch is a very ancient town. People have been living lived here since prehistoric times. The main landmark is Mount Mithridat with the World War II memorial and ruins of an ancient Greek town of Pantecapaeum.

The 14th century John the Forerunner Church built in Byzantine style.

The 1706 Turkish fortress Eni-Kale in the outskirts of Kerch.

Jaoo-Tepe is a mud volcano. It is a short detour from the main road towards the village of Vulcanovka (Вулкановка: Literally "a volcano village") when driving from Kerch to Feodosia . The volcano is dormant most of the time but sometimes spurs mud into the air.

The view of the village.

And that of the sea.

feodosia - феодосия

Feodosia was founded by Greeks in the 6th century B.C. Currently it is a sea port and a seaside resort.

The 1892 Saint Katherine Church.

The art gallery has a large collection of works by famous artist Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) who was born and died in Feodosia.

sudak - судак

The town of Sudak founded in 212 A.D. features the 14th century huge and well preserved fortress.

The Saint Nicholas Lighthouse Church built by Ukrainian Masons near the town of Malorechenskoe halfway from Sudak to Yalta.

yalta - ялта

Yalta is the most famous Crimean seaside resort. In the early 19th century this area was chosen by the Russian royal family as their south residence. As a result a number of beautiful palaces were built and parks were laid in and around Yalta.

The Massandra Palace.

The Livadia Palace. The venue of the 1945 Yalta Conference.

The Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.

The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens.

The Massandra Winery was established in 1894. Sweet wines of Massandra are truly the best of its kind.

Visitors are encouraged to taste wines in the tasting hall ...

... and buy the ones they like in the winery shop.

The Swallow's Nest is the most recognizable image of Yalta.

bakhchisarai - бахчисарай

A winding road runs from Yalta across a mountain pass to the old Tatar town of Bakhchisaray.

A must stop place is the top of Ai-Petri mountain dominating the Black Sea coast around Yalta.

The view of Yalta from Ai-Petri 1245m ASL.

The town of Bakhchisaray is the home of the medieval Crimean Khanate. The Khan palace is well maintained.

The mosque in the Khan Palace is decorated with a Star of David. Once both religions peacefully coexisted here.

The fountain of tears glorified by the Russian poet Pushkin.

Find a tear.

chufut-kale - чуфут-кале

The medieval cave town of Chufut-Kale is located on the top of the mountain above Bakhchisaray.

The tomb of Canike-Hanim, a daughter of Khan Toqtamysh of the Golden Horde. She died in 1437.

A kenesa - a prayer house of the Karaites. The Karaites are Crimean Jews, members of a Jewish sect founded in the 8th century and located chiefly in the Crimea, which rejects rabbinical interpretation in favour of a literal interpretation of the scriptures. Chufut-Kale in the Crimean Tatar language means "a Jewish fortress".

If on leaving Chufut-Kale you take this road, very soon you will find a moderately vandalized old Karaite aka Jewish cemetery.

Some views of the Crimean Mountains around Chufut-Kale.

On the way to Chufut-Kale visitors walk by the Assumption Cave Monastery.

cape tarkhankut - мыс тарханкут

Cape Tarkhankut is the westernmost point of the Crimea. From October till May it is absolutely deserted.

This heart-shaped pool is called "The bowl of love"