orenburg – оренбург

Orenburg was founded in 1743. Currently it is a rather big industrial city located on the Ural River which is a division line between Europe and Asia. The pedestrian Sovietskaya Street takes you to the pedestrian bridge across the Ural River.

The river divides and the bridge connects Europe and Asia.

Folks swish-swash from one part of the world to another.

On the bridge Tony Childs from San Diego Ca. USA is talking to a local beauty. April 2017.

A cable car is also available to cross from Europe to Asia and vice versa.

A statue of Valery Chkalov a famous Soviet pilot towers over the river and the bridge.

Yuri Gagarin the first man in space learnt to fly a MiG-15 fighter in Orenburg in 1955-57.

House #1 in the Sovietskaya Street used to house the air force school.

The museum of Orenburg.

The Russian poet #1 Alexander Pushkin visited Orenburg in 1833 when collecting material for his novels.

Orenburg has the first life-size statue of Lenin in the former Soviet Union. The statue was erected in 1925.

The local government.

The early 20th century water tower.

The WWII memorial.

The Angel of Peace is soaring above the city.


The 2003 Introduction to the Temple Church. The 1758 original was demolished in 1931.

Girls in Orenburg are somewhat colorful.

The graffiti commemorates the fact that the city in the course of time has changed seven names. "Orenburg" is the eighth one.

Another graffiti commemorates the fact that in 1920-24 Orenburg was the capital of Kazakhstan. At that time there was no word or notion "Kazakhstan". People populating the territory of the modern Kazakhstan were called "kyrgyz". In 1920 the newly formed territorial entity was named the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (KASSR). The name Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic came into being in 1936.

This building in the Sovietskaya Street used to house the governing bodies of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Sunset over the Ural River.

Orenburg cats are very serious.

orsk – орск

Orsk was founded in 1735. It is located 285 km east of Orenburg by road. The 1903 Transfiguration Cathedral.

A golden Lenin in Orsk.

The plate has Latin characters.

A regular Lenin in front of the drama theatre.

buzuluk – бузулук

Buzuluk was founded in 1736. It is located 230 km by road north-west of Orenburg towards Samara.

A shopping mall.

The local administration.


The 1835 Our Lady Convent.

Somewhere in Orenburg Oblast. Arable land and a gas station.