chechen republic – чеченская республика

From early 1990-s until about 2008 Chechnya was off limits to foreigners because of the turbulent events taking place there and in neighbouring republics. Since then the situation has changed drastically for the better. Traveling by main roads became safe. The capital Grozny, heavily destroyed as a result of two wars, is shining at night by elaborately illuminated brand new hotels, offices and mosques. It is highly recommended to stay at least one night in the Grozny City Hotel overlooking the second largest mosque in Europe - the Heart of Chechnya. The mosque is really impressive and looks majestic both at day and at night.

The Grozny City is a cluster of high-risers towering over the mosque. One of them is a 5-star Grozny City Hotel.

Beautifully illuminated at night the Grozny City looks great in sunlight as well.

The St. Michael Russian Orthodox Church peacefully coexists with the Heart of Chechnya Mosque. They are half a mile apart.

The House of Solemn Ceremonies with a nearby luxury restaurant.

The Sunzha River.

The Presidential Residence is properly guarded but can be pictured from a distance.

All buildings in Grozny are brand new. The city was built from scratch.

The Chechnya State University.

Grozny is the center of the world.

When approaching Grozny.

In Grozny visitors can enjoy a great performance given by one of children's dance ensemble.

Ramzan! Thanks for Grozny! (Ramzan Kadyrov is the President of Chechnya)

Grozny is the best city!

We love Grozny!

lake kazenoiam – озеро казанойам

Lake Kezenoiam is located 1,860 m ASL, higher than any other lake in the Caucasus. There is a new hotel built right on the shore.

Close to the hotel there are ruins of an abandoned Chechen village and an old cemetery.

On the way to Lake Kezenoiam a traveler can admire combat towers standing amid a graceful landscape.

When driving to Lake Kezenoiam make a stop in the village of Kharachoy. Here locals honour their countryman named Zelimkhan. He was a Robin Hood kind hero (abrek in Chechen) who robed the rich to feed the poor in late 19th - early 20th century.