Adygeya republic – республика адыгея

The Republic of Adygeya is located in the south of Russia. It is one of the several Caucasian republics within Russia. Unlike rebellious Chechnya or Dagestan, Adygeya has always been peaceful and safe for travelling. The capital of Adygeya - Maykop is a small quiet and green town.

The central square.

The administration of the republic.

Flags of Russia and Adygeya.

The main mosque.

The philharmonic concert hall.

Adygeya became part of Russia in 1557. The Forever with Russia monument was erected in 1957 to mark the 400th anniversary of the event.

In the town center.

Maykop has mostly 3-4 storey buildings. Few 6-7 storey edifices look like skyscrapers.

The old fire watch tower.

From Maykop one can drive as far as the village of Guzeripl (Гузерипль) where the road ends. Guzeripl is currently a popular destination for quiet and ecologically clean vacations. The mountainous area around is rather scenic.