Tomsk Oblast

Tomsk  – томск

Tomsk was founded in 1604. It is located 280 km north of Novosibirsk and is much more attractive in terms of history and tourist appeal.

The Resurrection Hill is the place where Tomsk was originally started. The spot is marked with a memorial stone.

The wooden lookout tower houses a museum.

Views from the top of the lookout tower.

The 1833 Intercession Church.

In the city center.

The 1784 Epiphany Cathedral.

Tomsk is a university city and has half a dozen major academic establishments.

The famous Russian writer and playwright Anton Chekhov stayed in Tomsk during his 1890 trip to Sakhalin. Due to several mishaps occurred in Tomsk Chekhov described it in his diary as a boring city with dull people. Therefore, Chekhov is presented in a caricature bronze statue. The inscription on the bottom part of the monument says, “Anton Chekhov through the eyes of a drunk lying in a ditch who has never read his stories”.

Locals use lawns for sunbathing.

Tomsk's greatest attraction is 19-20th century wooden-lace architecture.

The Peacock House.

The Russian-German House.

The Dragon House.

Not every wooden house is in a good shape.