stavropol - ставрополь

The city was founded in 1777. In Greek the name means “the city of the cross”. As a story goes builders of the first fortress unearthed a large stone cross. Currently Stavropol is a big industrial city, the administrative center of Stavropol Krai.

The city's symbol.

Stavropol’s angel savior is towering over the city carrying a cross.

At some angle the angel seems aiming to hit Lenin.

The city boasts good landscape design.

Stavropol is located exactly half way from the equator to the North Pole at latitude 45 degrees North. Hence one of its streets is named Parallel 45.

Herman Lopatin was the first to translate Karl Marx’ “Das Kapital” into Russian in 1870.


Stavropol krai - ставропольский край

This southern area is predominantly flat and good for agriculture. In late May – early June fields burst into flowers.

Pyatigorsk - пятигорск

The Russian poet of all times #2 Mikhail Lermontov (see Penza page for some interesting details) when banished from Saint Petersburg to fight Caucasian highlanders lived in Pyatigorsk and was killed here in a duel. The place where the duel took place is marked with an obelisk.

The statue of Lermontov in Stavropol.