From early 1990-ss until recently Dagestan was off limits to foreigners because of the turbulent events taking place in the Caucasus. Over the last several years the situation has changed for the better. Traveling by main roads became safe. Dagestan has a larger number of tourist sights than other Caucasian republics. Especially prominent is a magnificent fortress in the 5000-year old town of Derbent.

Derbent as seen from the fortress.

Inside the fortress.

Derbent's portrait from inside the fortress.

The fortress as seen from town.

The old town gates.

Lenin in Derbent.

Overlapping flags of Russia and Dagestan.

The Caspian Sea as seen from the fortress.

A street in Derbent.

Makhachkala - the capital of Dagestan is a relatively young city. It was founded in 1844.

Another interesting place to visit in Dagestan is the village of Gunib famous for its silverware and ruins of an old fortress. Mountain views around the village are marvelous.