Chelyabinsk, founded in 1736, is a sprawling industrial town set amid the hills and lakes of the Urals. It is a major center of military production. Its arms factories turned out Katyusha rockets and WWII-winning tanks T-34s, for which Chelyabinsk was nicknamed "Tank City".

Peculiar architectural mix in the central Chelyabinsk

Lenin heading towards communism in the central square

From the central square towards the river with a nicely named MiAss runs the pleasant pedestrian street which is dotted with both serious and quirky bronze and plaster statues.

Theatre with a statue of Russian composer Mikhail Glinka

Russian composer Sergey Prokofiev

Organ music concert hall


Lake Turgoyak is a reservoir of crystal clear warm water located west of Chelyabinsk. It is the right place for staying overnight at one of many lake resorts as well as for swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding and lake lounging. The small St.Vera’s island in the lake carries traces of ancient human settlements.