Current weather in Maykop.


The Republic of Adygeya is located in southwestern Russia. It extends from the Kuban River south to the Caucasus foothills. Apart from the foothills in the south, which are covered in deciduous forest, most of Adygeya is an undulating plain with rich soils that are used almost wholly for agriculture.

Adygeya is one of the several Caucasian republics within Russia. Unlike rebelliuos Chechnya or Dagestan or Kabardino-Balkariya, Adygeya is absolutely peaceful and safe for travelling by road.

The capital of Adygeya - Maykop is a small quiet and green town. Just a 2-3 hour drive from Krasnodar.

Central square

Main mosque

Concert hall

Forever with Russia

In the town's center

From Maykop one can drive as fas as the village of Guzeripl where the road ends. Guzeripl is currently a popular destination for a 2-3 days of quiet and ecologically clean vacation. The mountaneous area around is rather scenic.

In the mountains

It is only 70 km as a crow flies from Guzeripl to Sochi - a famous seaside resort on the Black Sea coast but to get there by road one has to go back to Maykop and further on to Khodyzhensk and Apsheronsk across unpaved and bumpy Shaumyan Pass thus travelling over 300 km.