Chechen republic - чеченская республика

From early 1990-ss until recently Chechnya was off limits to foreigners because of the turbulent events taking place there and in neighbouring republics. Over the last several years the situation has changed for the better. Traveling by main roads became safe. The capital Grozny, heavily destroyed as a result of two wars, is shining at night by eleborately illuminated brand new hotels, offices and mosques. It is highly recommended to stay a night in the Grozny City Hotel overlooking the second largest mosque in Europe - the Heart of Chechnya.

Grozny City at different angles

Theatre at night and day

At daytime Grozny City also looks nice

By this long and winding road one can easily make a day trip to Lake Kazenoi-Am located 1,860 m ASL. There is a new hotel built right on the shore where one can dine and wine and stay overnight breathing pollutant free mountainous air.

On the way to Lake Kazenoi-Am a traveler can admire medieval combat towers standing amid graceful landscapes.

Ruins of an old Chechen village and a cemetery.

Back in Grozny visitors can enjoy a great performance of dancing Chechen kids.

Grozny is the center of the world.

The presidential residence is properly guarded but can be pictured from a distance.

More views of the Chechen capital.